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Franklin Square, New York, United States


Preservation breeders of the Malagasy Coton de Tulear


The Royal dog of Madagascar 

Founding member of the MCPC


About Us


Experienced And Passionate Breeders

We are proud and experienced Code of Ethics breeders with the MCPC, Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club.  We are dedicated to producing happy, healthy, well socialized puppies to become your loving companion and member of your family.  


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Being part of a preservation group we are ensuring that our breed remains healthy for future generations.  With the use of DNA genotyping, we are dedicated and committed to supporting the MCPC's genetic diversity project. 


A Furever Friend

We love our Cotons. Commonly known as the clown breed, they are naturally fun, curious and inquisitive. They are easily entertained either in active play or just sitting close to their companions.  Cotons are very affectionate and people oriented, love to please and are typically quite easy to train.  Cotons are a small yet hardy dog, loyal and adaptable with minimal shedding and one of the better breeds for allergy sufferers. 

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Hampton Square Cotons

Franklin Square, New York, United States


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